Interactive Exposition of the Visitors' Centre

Interactive Exposition of the Visitors' Centre

We invite you to visit the Interactive Exposition of Anykščiai Regional Park Visitors Center!

ATTENTION! All visitors of Anykščiai Regional Park Visitors‘ Centre must wear face masks from 01.08.2020 !

Here you will get known with the exceptional values of the regional park. The main theme of the exposition is presented as a glorified natural and cultural heritage, which is revealed in numerous literary works.

Information on natural and cultural values is provided in modern and non-standard way in Lithuanian and English languages. For curious people who like not only to read, but also to see, there are many picturesque pictures, finds from forests, geological curiosities and even archaeological finds from the Anykščiai region!

The exposition is rich in audio-visual material: Interactive maps include not only the exact location of objects, but also detailed information about them, photos, videos. With just a few touches of the finger, you will find out why the park's reserves have been established and what is protected in them.

After getting acquainted with the values of the park and with hiking, cycling and water routes, learning where to eat and stay, what to visit and do, you will be able to travel around the park, trying the trails and visiting interesting values!

We welcome all curious and interested to the nature and culture visitors in Anykščiai regional park!

We offer the tour for visitors in the exposition in Lithuanian, Russian and English languages.
It is necessary to pre-register by phone +370 381 50738 or e-mail

Opening hours:

II–IV 8:00 am–5:00 pm (lunch break 12.00 pm–12.45 pm)
V 9:00 am–16:45 pm (lunch break 12.00 pm–12.45 pm)
VI 8:00 am–5:00 pm.

I–IV 8:00 am–5:00 pm (lunch break 12.00 pm–12.45 pm)
V 8:00 am–15:45 pm (lunch break 12.00 pm–12.45 pm)