Visitors of the Treetop Walking Path can combine active, educational, health and cultural tourism by ordering an hour-long education program: “Anykščiai Pinewood: the wood otherwise”. The main aim of the program is to reveal the very close link between a man and nature. A guide will not only provide a detailed presentation of the Treetop Walking Path Complex, but will also show the trees growing in the most famous forest in Lithuania – Anykščiai Pinewood which once inspired the poems of Antanas Baranauskas, as well as reveal the most unexpected facts about them. The educational program includes visiting Puntukas – the most famous stone in Lithuania. Visitors will be able to learn why this stone is considered to be a geological, mythological and cultural heritage.

Do you know what the observation tower of the Treetop Walking Path symbolizes, and how much concrete and metal was used to build the Path? And do you know which tree will improve your mood if you stand under it? Which bird can sing with its tail? Why do oak acorns have a shell? How do pine trees endure water shortages? Which trees are used to produce matches and why? What grass is used to treat 99 diseases? Why was the Puntukas Stone hidden under a barn for almost half a year? All of these questions and more will be answered by the guide during the educational program “Anykščiai Pinewood: the wood otherwise”.

Educational programs are organized all year round and is held in Lithuanian, English and Russian languages.

Educational program price per person – 9 euros

100 % discount is applied for preschool children, a teacher who is accompanying a group of 10 or more pupils, and a guide accompanying a group of more than 10 people.


Educational program reservation: Please call by phone +370 684 53736.

For information about payment transfer, please contact: or by phone: +370 381 50738