How to travel


There are some ROUTES you can reach the Treetop Walking Path Complex - on foot, by bicycle, by trackless train, by water transport or by car.

   On foot you can walk along the Cognitive Path of Šventoji

It is a 4.9 km long natural Cognitive Path along the Šventoji River. The Path includes 20 information stands introducing Anykščiai Pinewood praised by the writer Antanas Baranauskas, its values, the plants that grow here and all the natural processes of this place. The Path starts from “SPA Vilnius Anykščiai” (coordinates (WGS) 55.509376, 25.086436), and ends near the Puntukas Stone and the Treetop Walking Path. The route of the Path is marked  with green circles painted on tree trunks - follow them!

  By bicycle

By selecting this route, you will travel through Anykščiai Pinewood praised by Antanas Baranauskas, right next to the tall pines reaching towards the sky. While cycling this route, you can stop by to see the Šlavė Exposure. During your trip to the Treetop Walking Path, you will pass several small rivers with interesting names, – we suggest stopping by them to listen to the sound of rippling water and enjoy the beauty of their deep and cool valleys…


      By the River Šventoji

The route of Šventoji Water Tourism from Andrioniškis to Kavarskas includes 20 landing-stages near the camps. The camps are equipped with the summerhouses, fireplaces, and toilets. It is possible to pass the route per one day, however, we offer to travel two days because a lot of natural and cultural objects you can visit in the valley of the River Šventoji!

WARNING: while reaching Anykščiai weir it is necessary to stop, to go off from the boat and transfer the swimming equipment. It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to swim over the weir!


   By trackless train:

Travel route:

Dainuva Valley (Vilniaus str. 95) – Treetop Walking Path

Treetop Walking Path – Dainuva Valley (Vilniaus str. 95)

Regular trip schedules will change with every season. Please follow the information.

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