Information Centre of the Treetop Walking Path

There is an Information Centre of the Treetop Walking Path Complex – touristic information, unique souvenirs, Park Visitor's Tickets are available for you here and – don’t miss the chance to get known with the Exposition "Anykščiai Pinewood - Forest and/or a Piece of Art"! The information is hidden under the stylish leaves – you should turn over the leaf then you find some interesting information about the Anykščiai Pinewood, its plants, animals, mushrooms, sung by the poet A. Baranauskas. You can touch, listen, smell or just admire ...

Also, here you can book an EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM.



Dvaronys village 5, Anykščiai district, LT–29168, LITHUANIA

COORDINATES: 55.485234, 25.06026 (WGS)       567021, 6150516 (LKS)       55° 29′ 6.84″, 25° 3′ 36.94″

Phone: +370 684 53 736

[email protected]