The Cognitive Path of Šventoji

This natural cognitive path of 4,9 km length stretches along the river Šventoji. There are 17 information stands equipped, so by walking you will get some news about the Forest of Anykščiai sung by the famous Lithuanian classic writer Antanas Baranauskas and its values, about plants growing around you, about the natural processes as well. The beginning of the Path is near the „SPA Vilnius Anykščiai“ (coordinates (WGS) 55.509376, 25.086436), at the end of the Path you will reach the Puntukas Stone and the Treetop Walking Path. While going from the beginning of the Path till the end, the green circles painted on the tree trunks will not let you to lose the way. And you can travel by the Cognitive Path of Šventoji from the other side, i.e. from the Puntukas Stone ..

More information, audio guide and photos of the Cognitive Path of Šventoji

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